Sunday, January 17, 2010

Halloween 2009

I do realize it's January. Better late than never right? Halloween, oh Halloween. As always, there is the neverending "What will I be.." debate. This is how it stacked up. As you can see above, Savannah chose a beautiful "ballroom princess" costume. She fell in love with it when she first saw it and I thought she looked splendid. We had a blast doing her hair and makeup and she pranced around each time she got to wear it- at school, at her ballroom party, on halloween. Mason wanted to be a soldier, but I could not find a costume his size ANYWHERE. So we settled on this Army ranger costume. It came with a hat too, but he didnt want to wear it. Nor did he want to pose for any photos, so that's why they are all of Savannah. So as for how we spent our Halloween time...

Let's start with Daniel and I, who had a crazy fun time at Hidee's halloween party. I kid you not, this was the most fun I've had in years! Hidee and Torrie put together and AMAZING, Amazing Race party. I dont know how they did it all.

We all arrived at Hidee's house, in costume. See the evidence below:

Daniel and I got some good laughs. He was (obviously) a Cheerleader, while I went as Octomom, with 8 babies strapped to my belly. Awesome ;)

After we all arrived, we were split into teams of 3 couples. Each team was given an envelope with a code on it that had to be deciphered. While we were deciphering it, one teammate was taken away. As soon as we deciphered our code, we were given a clue and headed out to our cars. The clue told us to go somwhere in Rigby with a beach (Rigby Lake). When we got there, we ran down to the beach where we found mounds of sand with glow sticks sticking out of them. We dug and dug (all the while racing the other teams) until we found a locked box. Then we noticed some twine leading into the water. We pulled the twine to find a key tied to the end. We used to key to unlock the lock box to get our next clue. We got our box and key and heard people hollaring. We headed toward the hollaring to find our missing team member, chained to the playground. We had to use the code we had deciphered to unlock our team member. Then we headed to "the mat". After all the teams were there, we headed off. We had several different challenges, clues. We got a phone number at the cemetary. When we called it, it was a local gas station, so we headed there and had to purchase something that was exactly a dollar to get our next clue. We had to tie ourselves together at the playground and go through an obstacle course. We had to find different addresses before the other teams to get a many things. At one point, we were all departing one place at the same time, racing, and Tracy backed up, right into a basketball hoop at the elementary, knocking it to about a 45 degree angle. That was funny right there. Because it wasn't me! Anyhoo...long story short, it was insanely fun! We came in 2nd place. After we got back to Hidee's, we had some food and enjoyed being kid free for a while. It was just the fun my boring self needed!

When Halloween night arrived, our kids wanted to spend it with their cousins. Mason and Savannah went trick or treating around Grandma Miller's neighborhood. Afterwards, they went roller skating with their cousins and aunts. I stayed home with the Js, who wouldn't have been much fun at that time of night. Unfortunately, Michelle, Dan's sister, blew her knee out rollerskating and had to have surgery on it! But the kids had fun ;) I wish I could have been there. I felt sad all night that I was missing it but the little boys were not in any shape to be in public that night!

Everyone had such a fun time this year. I am so thankful that we live near family. My kids get to enjoy their cousins on a daily basis. I didnt really have many cousins my age, and the ones I did have lived far out of state. So I am glad my children don't have to miss out on the joy of cousins!