Friday, December 25, 2009

SLEEPOVER with Psuedo-Sisters

Savannah has no sisters. But thankfully, she has the twins :) When she was just about 18 months old, I quit my full time job to stay home with the kiddies. I started doing some daycare to help out a bit. I began watching 2 tiny little girls named Maycie and Taylie. They live just down the street from us. From that point forward, the three of them have been inseparable. I only watched them for about a year or so after that, but they stayed thick as theives! They are in primary together. They play at recess together. They take gymnastics/dance/whatever together. We carpool wherever we take them. When their mom, Carole, or I take them anywhere, we often get asked if we have triplets. They do look a lot alike! We were recently told "You can tell they are related!" Um...nope, they aren't ;) But they might as well be.

I love those girls tons and tons! I love having them over. They are so sweet and loveable! I am so thankful Savannah has them to stand in as sisters when she doesn't have any of her own!

We recently had them sleep over for the first time and I took some pictures. We baked sugar cookies and decorated them with princess glitter and frosting. Maycie, who is missing her front teeth, said, "We are having a blatht!" It was so much fun- Thanks Carole for letting us steal them for the night!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Mason's 10th Birthday- October 30th 2009

10 years ago, my life became so much fuller and greater than ever before. After a long road, a few doctors, some pills, some shots, 1 miracle and a positive pregnancy test (not to mention 9 months of puking 10-15 times every single day), Mason Wade Miller made his debut, 3 weeks early. He weighed 6 lbs 15 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. He was healthy as could be and insanely beautiful!

Mason was a light in my life from the very beginning. Our lives were pretty crazy and difficult at that time and he was the thing that made each day worth whatever struggles life brought. He was a very fussy baby, but since he was my first, I could afford to sit and hold him, cuddle him and love on him for hours on end. By the time he hit about 8 or 10 months, he had outgrown that and he bacame the most good natured child you've ever seen. To this day, he still is :)

He was smart from the start- at 2 years old, he would identify, "trapezoid, hexagon, pentagon..." One day when he was 2, I went out in the dining room in our apartment and he had a stray cat. He had gone outside, caught it, brought it inside, gotten the milk out of the fridge and a bowl out of the cupboard and poured a bowl of milk for the cat without spilling a drop. I still dont know how he knew cats liked milk (we hadnt ever had a cat since he was born) or how he poured the milk by himself. I took pictures since I thought it was so cute.

Mason was painfully shy when he was little. He preferred spending time with Grandma Miller (who he called Grandma Digger at the time since she had "diggers" out in front of her house) to just about anything else. Grandma watched him while I worked and Daddy went to college. They got lots of quality time together and he loved it.

I still remember "sha-show-yos" (marshmallows), one of my favorite words he used. He loved his little blankey, his kitty kitty and his ducky and watching Barney. He will kill me someday for posting that.

In school, he has always done very well. He loves science and math. He enjoys history now too. He gets great grades and all his teachers enjoy him.

At home, Mason is such a light in our house. He loves helping with the littler kids. He thinks Jaxon is hilarious and loves to play with him. Often when I go to put Jayden down for a nap, he will say, "No! I want to see him! I havent had enough time with him!" Mason and Savannah are best friends and closer than I ever would have expected. They are pretty inseparable and do almost everything together.

Mason is a huge help to me. He is sensitive and sweet. He is funny. I love his laugh and his jokes.

He love playing chess, especially with Grandpa Scott (my dad). He loves baseball, basketball and golf and is excited to start basketball again in January.

Mason had his 10th birthday this year. It's hard for me to realize he is over halfway grown! He is amazing. I am so grateful that he was sent to our family. I couldnt ask for a better son. Here are a few pictures from his birthday party at Leo's place.

Mason, I love you with all my heart and consider you such an incredible blessing to me and this family!

Love, Mom

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Carving Pumpkins- October 2009

Another October post. Our family has a busy last week of October, with Mason's birthday the day before Halloween! We squeezed in time for some pumpkin carving. Mason decided he wanted to do a contest- Him and me against Daddy and Savannah. While we both did great, I have to give the prize to Dan and Savannah, who got creative and used a Pillsbury grands biscuit to paint a face on and stick in the mouth of their pumpkin (red paint added no less) to make it look like it ate someone's head. It was pretty funny. Until the next day when Jaxon went out on the porch and ate it, red paint and all :)

Times like these are priceless. We love our family time!

Carmeled Apples with my girls- Oct 2009

Back in October (yes, that's how far behind I am. Shame on me.) I had a girl's day at Tammy's house. We made carmeled apples (YUM) with all kinds of goodies. Now, I myself am no domestic goddess. Nope. *gasp, really?* yeah, no one is surprised by this revelation. Anyhoo... so of course someone else's carmel recipe was required, as was much brain power from Tammy, Torrie and Erica (who we called in a panic after butchering the first batch of carmel without her there).

The apples were *voices from the heavens* glorious! I gave some to my visiting teaching families and kept a few for my own family. I had a great time (as I always do when Im with these ladies!) and ate waaayyy too much sugar!

Thanks guys for a fun time- and trying to teach me a thing or two! Let's hope it sticks!

Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm here...

...with so much to report, but no time. I promise to come back soon to update! I have so much to say!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Race Report- Prison Break Half Marathon- Oct 24th, 2009

About 6 weeks ago I decided that even though my season had been so tri-filled that I hadn't had time to train for a half marathon like I had planned, I would still squeeze one in late season. I didnt have much training time and the time I did have, I didn't use wisely ;)

I ran 8 miles once, about 5 weeks out. I ran 10 miles once (and started having trouble with hip bursitis or something on the 10th mile), about 4 weeks out. Then I didnt run for a week (because of the hip issue). The next week, I ran 4 miles. The week of the race, I ran 2 (because once again, my hip was killing me!!! Didnt want to push it 3 days before the race). So I was totally not properly trained, but wanted to do it anyway.

Initially, a whole group of us planned to go, but one by one, each person going had something come up that made it impossible for them to go. Except me... Dan and I and the kids drove up to Boise the night before and stayed with my sister Miriam (who works at the prison). I didnt get any sleep the night before since Jayden was on the floor in our room (I forgot the pack n play) and kept waking up crying.

That morning, I got up and got ready. Miriam took me over to the race while Daniel got the kids up and ready to come over. It was cold outside, which I was thankful for, knowing that a few miles in, I wouldn't be worried about that cold!

The race has a really fun set up. You line up out front of the prison. They have guards and cops and lots of people with guns ;) They set off the siren and have planes do a flyover.... Miriam and I chatted while I stretched and choked down some gel.

The siren went off and off I went, just praying my heart out that both my knee and my hip would cooperate and let me do this race. My goal was to finish in under 2 hours. I had never seen the course before, had never run 13.1 miles in my life, but my guess was that I would complete it in about 1:58.

As I started, emotional mom that I am, I got all choked up. Does that give you an idea of what an emotional release running is for me? It truly is how I get out my stress, my anxiety, my anger (not that I have any of that.... ). So I swallowed those silly tears and started to run with the pack.

The race had a 5K, a 10K and a half marathon. We all started together so the beginning was incredibly crowded. It was hard to find any sort of pace. You mostly just worked your way around people to try to get with those running your speed. But that only lasted about a mile and then things got less congested. The 5K athletes turned off about 2 miles in which freed up even more space, and 3 miles in, the 10K athletes turned around. By that point there was plenty of room to run.

I felt really good the while time. My hip started acting up about 2 miles in, but it wasn't bad enough to slow me down. My knee also felt good initially. The weather was ideal. I was enjoying every second of it. Throughout the whole race, it looked as though I was on target to meet my goal of under 2 hours. The course is relatively flat with just small hills until mile 12. Right at mile 12, you hit a huge hill. The hill made my hip really act up. It's a sharp, shooting pain (almost a shock) that takes your leg out from under you. I just started praying that it would hold out, that I could push through it, for that last mile. The hill itself wasn't as hard as it had looked (thank you RUSH Tri run course for your training), but by the time I reached the top, the pain in my hip was almost debilitating. I was within 2 minutes of my goal so I wasn't about to walk for a minute or slow down. I just prayed some more, closed my eyes and pushed through it. At the finish, I was even able to give it one last burst so I could "sprint" through the finish line.

I felt amazing! It was something I had wanted to do and I met my goal by finishing in 1:58 (just like I had estimated). I grabbed my sister and pulled her over to the asphalt where I laid down and made her help me stretch out the hip before I couldn't walk. I was limping. The worst part was that it didn't feel that hard! I felt great the whole time, except for that one pain. And yet when I finished, I could barely move that leg. After stretching for a while, it felt much better. I could tell my knee would also swell up but it takes a while (sure enough, by the end of the night, I couldnt bend my knee at all, but by a day later, it felt good again).

What a great experience! It was a fun, well organized race. It was fun to have my family, and my sister and her family, there to support me. I was able to finish in my goal time...

Once the final results were in, I found out I came in 15th out of 103 in my division and 35th out of 224 females overall. I was very happy with this result considering my lack of training, lack of sleep, and this being my first half. I will definitely be doing more, no question about it. I hope that next time I will have some of my crew running with me though- I missed them :)

The Prison

Me running that last 100 yards or so...owee owee owee....

Crossing the finish line.
Me with my little sister, Miriam, after the race. I swear she's running it with me next year.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Lil' Punkins :)

We took the kids for some fun family time at the pumpkin patch this weekend. I was hoping for some great photos of the kids. They (with the exception of Savannah, who is always up for posing) weren't so thrilled with that idea-they just wanted to play in the pumpkin patch!

The kids had a great time! Mason and Savannah picked out their pumpkins of carving (it was serious business to find just the right one). Jaxon and Jayden ran around, climbed the dirt hills, fell over, got back up, ran around.....

Jaxon thought the pumpkin patch was the most exciting thing of the year. He keeps telling me "we need go see da punkins again!"

It was such a fun time with the kids. Here are the pics. There are far more of Savannah than the others since she is the only one who wanted her picture taken! Sorry there are so many!!

Savannah and Mason

Jayden checking the place out

Daddy and Jayden

Jaxon being his usual tough guy self ;)

Jayder Potater

Mason found his pumpkin!

Jaxon said, "Mom! It's too hea-by!"

Mason "Mom this is not cool" Miller

Savannah again....

Baby Jayden who is very unsure of this whole thing!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Always sleep with one eye open!

When you have two toddlers...

I got up this morning ready to get a lot done, and was well on my way when Jaxon said he wanted "snuggle time". This is part of our daily routine. We get his blankey, lay on my bed and watch Super Why together. And so it was. Jayden was just playing on the floor and I laid down by Jaxon. Problem was, I was really tired and I dozed off for a minute. When I woke up...

I WAS COVERED IN SHAVING CREAM!!!! As was the dog and the bed and the dresser and the carpet and the clean laundry....


Seriously funny.

Monday, October 12, 2009


It's been a fun week or two!

It started a couple of weeks ago when Savannah started complaining about not feeling well and started coughing. She is so healthy so she didnt say much and it wasn't bad the first few days. On Friday (10 days ago), Mason started complaining of the same symptoms. By Sunday, Mason and Savannah were both running high fevers and coughing like crazy! Monday it was Jaxon's turn. By Thursday it was Jayden, and as of yesterday, Daniel. It's obviously some strain of influenza (swine flu is rampant around here it seems!) so we all stayed quarantined for most of the week. Daniel left for a business trip yesterday and he's feeling terrible. As of today, Mason and Savannah are back to school and doing well, with the exception of that nasty cough. Jaxon is no longer running a fever but he still doesn't seem 100%. And poor little Jayden is just miserable! It seems to be taking each person about a week or so to kick this. I am praying I dont get sick because I need to be able to take care of everyone else.

Savannah also broke out in a terrible rash today. I am watching it overnight to decide if it needs looked at. It's all over her entire body, even her face. She is itching but not running a fever. Im guessing it's some sort of hives, but figure I'll watch it and see.

So here's to health-wherever it may be ;)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Savannah's First Ballroom Competition of the year...

.....Is blogged on her own blog at

She wanted to write about it herself, so check it out, leave her some love and comment away.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Playing Catch up!!!!

Have I seriously not blogged since August??? What is wrong with me? I guess I will just sum it all up then...

August- Rush Tri- I dont have pics because everyone I know was racing :) But here is how it went. Me, Daniel, Tammy, Torrie, Hidee, Heidi, Debbie, Tracy (tammy's husband), and Lyndi all raced. Lyndi (my SIL) raced as a team and did the swim portion (her first) while the rest of us did the whole thing. Great race. I took 3rd in my division. Had an awesome run on that difficult course. Hidee took 2nd in our division. Tammy took 1st in her division. Lyndi's team took 1st in their division also. It was a blast. Sorry I don't have any pictures.

August- Savannah's birthday- My baby girl turned 6!!! We had family over for a party for her and then had a friend party at Leo's place. She had so much fun! I can't believe my baby girl is getting so big! I'm trying my best to stop it. But in honor of her...

Savannah babe- You are my BFF. I love spending so much time with you. I love our girlie-ness. I love getting Mommy/daughter mani-pedis and shopping our little hearts out. I love doing our hair and accessorizing and watching you dance and flip around the house. You are amazing. You treat everyone else so kindly and are always taking care of someone. You are a light in the lives of everyone who knows you! I love you girl!!!!

September- Bear Lake Brawl- Awesome race! Once again we all raced and almost all of us placed in our divisions, which was amazing. Tammy took 2nd overall (Go CHICKA!). Hidee took 1st in our division, 5th overall. I took 2nd in our division, 6th overall. Daniel took 1st in Clydesdale. Lyndi took 3rd in Athena. Heidi took 1st in Athena. Probably our best standings as a group ever. Good times!

And..I've been crazy busy with my photography business. New blogs and pics up at Seriously check it out and leave me some love. No one reads it and comments and I'm feeling somewhat loser-ish ;) I am no longer teaching piano this year but as you can tell, I haven't slowed down. Mason is taking piano from my friend Erica and he is doing very well. I continue to teach Savannah. She is also doing amazing this year. Savannah is also busy with gymnastics and ballroom. She has has first ballroom competition next weekend.

That's the short of it. I'm gonna try to keep up better this month!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

It's my Berfday :)

Daniel is hiking. The older 2 are in school. Me and the babes are home.

So what am I gonna do on my berfday:

I'm gonna start off by going to the bathroom-alone.
Im going to tickle the baby's toes and listen to him giggle without rushing onto the next task.
I'm going to have lunch with the best group of friend's I could ask for.
I'm going to pretend Im not in my 30's yet.
I'm going to eat something I shouldn't-bag that- Im gonna eat EVERYTHING I shouldn't- and not feel guilty at all.
I'm going to walk a little slower, because I can.
I'm going to thank my Heavenly Father for a million blessings- big and small- mostly wrapped up in the packages I call friends, family and home.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

First day of School!!!

Today was the first day of school for Mason and Savannah, and a few things have changed since last year. Mason has added a set of spectacles and a tin grin, while Savannah has much less hair :) Mason began fourth grade. I can't believe he only has 2 years left of elementary school! Savannah got her first school lunch today since it was her first day of first grade. She hasn't even turned 6 yet, and she is so small that it's hard to believe she's a big first grader!

They both had a great day and are excited about this new year. Here are a few pictures of the kids on their first day!

Dear Jaxon

Dear Jax,

Today I was mowing the lawn. You hopped on the riding lawn mower and sat right in front of me, snuggled up close. You helped me turn the wheel, and every so often, turned around to look at me. After a while, you tired of it and asked to "gee opp" "(get off). I lifted you off and you darted across the grass with your cute little run. And then you stopped, turned around again, gave me a million watt smile and waved. It occured to me that you won't remember this day, or this seemingly ordinary moment- but I will.



Friday, August 14, 2009

Kids Tri Harder Triathlon 2009

For the 2nd year in a row, my kids got to participate in the Kids Tri Harder Triathlon. They have such a great time and look forward to it all year. Mason has a pretty laid back attitude about it, just wanting to have a good time, while Savannah is cut-throat and swears she has to train and she has to win. This is typical of their personalities :)

For the kids 7 and under, they swim once across the pool (and can wear life jackets), bike around the block and run through a U shaped course in the parking lot. All is said and done in under 10 minutes. For the kids 8 and older, they do twice that, and no life jackets.

Mason and Savannah getting ready to start

Savannah flexing her muscles. While we were in the locker room getting ready, she said, "I sure hope these people trained!" LOL

Savannah swimming. She was first out of the water. She was booking it for a tiny thing in a life jacket!

On the bike, with her too large helmet falling over her eyes.

And running her little heart out.

Savannah came in very fast and was pretty sure she took first. Indeed, she did and she said, "I won 2 years in a row!" She was thrilled. She is a very competitive spirit.
Mason forgot his goggles so he had to use Savannah's pink ones :) He said pink goggles were better than none!

Here he is in the pool getting ready to start!

And riding his bike.

Running away....

Here is Savannah with her first place ribbon and medal. Mason came in 7th in his category. They both said it was a blast and can't wait to do it again. I am so proud of them for their hard work and great attitudes! You kids rock!