Friday, December 25, 2009

SLEEPOVER with Psuedo-Sisters

Savannah has no sisters. But thankfully, she has the twins :) When she was just about 18 months old, I quit my full time job to stay home with the kiddies. I started doing some daycare to help out a bit. I began watching 2 tiny little girls named Maycie and Taylie. They live just down the street from us. From that point forward, the three of them have been inseparable. I only watched them for about a year or so after that, but they stayed thick as theives! They are in primary together. They play at recess together. They take gymnastics/dance/whatever together. We carpool wherever we take them. When their mom, Carole, or I take them anywhere, we often get asked if we have triplets. They do look a lot alike! We were recently told "You can tell they are related!" Um...nope, they aren't ;) But they might as well be.

I love those girls tons and tons! I love having them over. They are so sweet and loveable! I am so thankful Savannah has them to stand in as sisters when she doesn't have any of her own!

We recently had them sleep over for the first time and I took some pictures. We baked sugar cookies and decorated them with princess glitter and frosting. Maycie, who is missing her front teeth, said, "We are having a blatht!" It was so much fun- Thanks Carole for letting us steal them for the night!


Addison AND Crews Mama said...

Oh my goodness, how cute!!!!!

Jeff and April said...

Holy cow! That last picture they TOTALLY look like triplets! That would have to be three times as fun!!!! I love Savanah's room!!! I wish I could see the rest of it!

Caralee said...

Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog today. I truly appreciate it...especially now that I know it's coming from a fellow photographer! I love your website! Keep up the good work. If you ever want to bounce ideas of each other, let me know!