Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Lil' Punkins :)

We took the kids for some fun family time at the pumpkin patch this weekend. I was hoping for some great photos of the kids. They (with the exception of Savannah, who is always up for posing) weren't so thrilled with that idea-they just wanted to play in the pumpkin patch!

The kids had a great time! Mason and Savannah picked out their pumpkins of carving (it was serious business to find just the right one). Jaxon and Jayden ran around, climbed the dirt hills, fell over, got back up, ran around.....

Jaxon thought the pumpkin patch was the most exciting thing of the year. He keeps telling me "we need go see da punkins again!"

It was such a fun time with the kids. Here are the pics. There are far more of Savannah than the others since she is the only one who wanted her picture taken! Sorry there are so many!!

Savannah and Mason

Jayden checking the place out

Daddy and Jayden

Jaxon being his usual tough guy self ;)

Jayder Potater

Mason found his pumpkin!

Jaxon said, "Mom! It's too hea-by!"

Mason "Mom this is not cool" Miller

Savannah again....

Baby Jayden who is very unsure of this whole thing!!


Chesney said...

what a sweet little family

Addison AND Crews Mama said...



cute photos. hwat do you charge? I need to get my girls done for Christmas. and when will be back down ehre. I dont want you to make a special trip.

Kristin said...

Your kids are so cute!! Could you come to Italy and do our family pics ;) I'll give you free food and a room to stay in ;)

Mel Bernard said...

What a fun place to go and take pictures!! Cute kids!!

Marnie said...

Beautiful photos! I miss pumpkin patches, and closets, and Target, and 24 hour shopping....hmmm my list keeps getting bigger.