Sunday, October 4, 2009

Playing Catch up!!!!

Have I seriously not blogged since August??? What is wrong with me? I guess I will just sum it all up then...

August- Rush Tri- I dont have pics because everyone I know was racing :) But here is how it went. Me, Daniel, Tammy, Torrie, Hidee, Heidi, Debbie, Tracy (tammy's husband), and Lyndi all raced. Lyndi (my SIL) raced as a team and did the swim portion (her first) while the rest of us did the whole thing. Great race. I took 3rd in my division. Had an awesome run on that difficult course. Hidee took 2nd in our division. Tammy took 1st in her division. Lyndi's team took 1st in their division also. It was a blast. Sorry I don't have any pictures.

August- Savannah's birthday- My baby girl turned 6!!! We had family over for a party for her and then had a friend party at Leo's place. She had so much fun! I can't believe my baby girl is getting so big! I'm trying my best to stop it. But in honor of her...

Savannah babe- You are my BFF. I love spending so much time with you. I love our girlie-ness. I love getting Mommy/daughter mani-pedis and shopping our little hearts out. I love doing our hair and accessorizing and watching you dance and flip around the house. You are amazing. You treat everyone else so kindly and are always taking care of someone. You are a light in the lives of everyone who knows you! I love you girl!!!!

September- Bear Lake Brawl- Awesome race! Once again we all raced and almost all of us placed in our divisions, which was amazing. Tammy took 2nd overall (Go CHICKA!). Hidee took 1st in our division, 5th overall. I took 2nd in our division, 6th overall. Daniel took 1st in Clydesdale. Lyndi took 3rd in Athena. Heidi took 1st in Athena. Probably our best standings as a group ever. Good times!

And..I've been crazy busy with my photography business. New blogs and pics up at Seriously check it out and leave me some love. No one reads it and comments and I'm feeling somewhat loser-ish ;) I am no longer teaching piano this year but as you can tell, I haven't slowed down. Mason is taking piano from my friend Erica and he is doing very well. I continue to teach Savannah. She is also doing amazing this year. Savannah is also busy with gymnastics and ballroom. She has has first ballroom competition next weekend.

That's the short of it. I'm gonna try to keep up better this month!!!

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Chesney said...

you have such a beautiful family. im glad to hear you are all doing well.