Wednesday, June 18, 2008

And it keeps on comin....

Today was my 38 week doctor's appt and to make a long story short, he could come today, or he could come in a week or so. But I came home from the doc and cleaned the house, went for 2 walks and did what I could to stay busy.

Well into the afternoon, my daughter was outside playing in the yard with a friend. I was in the house, easily within earshot, with both my boys. I heard a little noise, then a big crashing sound out in the garage and figured someone had knocked something over.

Savannah came running in the house screaming hysterically. I couldnt understand a word she was saying so I just kept asking, "Are you alright? Are you alright?" She wouldn't answer me but started screaming, "I did that! I did that mom!"

I went out into the garage to see what she was talking about as she is crying, "I dont want to be in trouble! I did that mom. Im sorry!" I could see black stuff all over but had no idea what it was. It kind of looked like someone spilled soil or something. So I asked her, "What IS that?"

"It's the window mom! I opened the window and closed the garage door... I dont want Dad to be mad at me! Im going to be grounded for a week" she started to ramble (for the record, she has never been grounded). All of the sudden I realized that she was talking about the back window of our Expedition.

Apparently she decided to open the back window to get something out. She left it open and then for some unknown reason, decided to close the garage door. The problem is that we have a very short garage, and when you pull all the way into it, you only have 2-3 inches clearance between the back of the vehicle and the garage door. So the garage door came crashing down on the window, shattering it into a million little pieces.

Over an hour of cleanup time later, all the glass was cleaned out of the garage and out of the vehicle. I've made the calls and now just have to take it into town tomorrow to get some estimates on getting it fixed.

I had hoped this would be enough to put me into labor, so at least there would be an upside, but so far, no luck on that one :)

It's only a few hours later, and Im already chuckling about it. I realize she is 4, and she could not have possibly thought through what exactly would happen if she did what she did. In fact, let's be honest, I am the first one to do stupid things like that, so why would I be mad at my 4 year old for the same type of thing? Frustrated, yes, but it was just an accident, and it could have been much worse. Now I can remember, years down the road, just what it was like to have a bunch of little kids. You never know what's coming next!


Wilcock Family said...

Oh Savannah is so sweet.... poor thing. She felt so sorry about it all that it made it so sweet. Kids are so funny sometimes! I only have a 6 month old, so I know I am in store for many things to come. :) I hope everything turns out alright and that it won't cost too much to get fixed. As for going into labor, I hope it's soon...I am SO EXCITED to see pictures and find out when it's time!! Keep me posted. Love ya!

Morgan said...

Just the sound of the crash would have put me into labor....probably not really, but I am surprised it didn't you!!! What luck though right?

Heather & Billy said...

Oh poor Savannah. Tell her that just a few days ago I closed my garage door on my van's bumper. As if it weren't beat up enough. You know this baby is going to come at the worst possible time. Or it's going to suddenly snow again tommorow or something. =)

kmelanese said...

Poor Savannah! That is funny how worried she was. Kids are funny. I hope it's not too expensive to replace but it probably will be. I am sending labor vibes your way....good luck!

Alida & Jeremiah Bowles said...

Oh wow!! Poor thing was probably so scared!! My heart just hurt for her when I was reading this. You are so understanding though. As for going into labor I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!! My little guy was nearly 3 weeks late! UG!