Thursday, February 26, 2009

So much....

yeah I swear I have a million blogs I need to do but Im too busy. So I will get to the fun ones as soon as I can, and in the meantime, here is life in a nutshell.

- Mason and Savannah had another ballroom performance of which I have video, as soon as the hubbs rips it off the CD. Mason has a ballroom competition this weekend so you can watch for that one too.

-I am all registered for my first triathlon of the season- Salem Springs, on May 30th. Better get busy.

- Back has healed well and I am once again able to run, and have started running outdoors when I can.

-Loving my ballroom class but I kid not when I say I look like I'm doing the pee pee dance when I do the samba. It's sad really.

- The remodel is moving along. The hardwood has been done for a while. The tile in the entryway and both bathrooms starts on Monday. Savannah's new room had the window cut in and trimmed out, the closet framed, drywalled, taped and textured etc. The trim/wainscoting starts on that today. Carpet can go in as soon as the tile is done. Except that I haven't ordered it yet. And much painting has yet to be done.

-Jaxon is talking up a storm and keeps the whole family laughing. He was making the baby laugh today on purpose, which was endless entertainment for me.

-Jayden is 8 months and trying to crawl, although he moves backwards more than forward. He's getting it. He is growing so much so he's sleeping and eating a ton.

- We did another FHE with a fun project that I need to blog about as well. I'll try, I'll try.

- Kids did another ski lesson and they love it. We've been wanting to take them again but have had other commitments, so maybe next week? maybe? I dunno.

That's about it I think. I'll try to catch up on the other things. I promise.


Addison's Mama said...

I loved reading up on what you have been up to. Can't wait to see pictures of the remodel :)

Brittany said...

Wow! You're quite the busy little mama! What fun things you have going - post pics of it all when you can!

Heather and Billy said...

I am with you on being behind on the blogs. I have a question for you though...Is the straw thing still working? I feel like my back is about to break from the loads and I know you know what I mean. There's gotta be another way...

Jeff and April said...

Yay! I can't wait to hear your next great FHE idea. I am still planning on trying the straw thing. I bought the straws, but haven't done much else. Do you have any ideas for motivating moms?

Tara said...

i'm glad i'm not the only one who has a hard time updating the blog! when i do, it entails neglecting any other responsibility and staying up til 2am! i loved your straw idea- i do the same thing but use glass rocks...i'm thinking the straws are cheaper and easier to see in the jar! yay for the warmer weather-it's time to get the mojo going! good luck with your salem tri, you should stop by if you have a chance, let me know!