Tuesday, June 30, 2009

San Rafael Classic Triathlon- June 20th 2009

First of all, I would like to apologize for the idiocy that is Blogger. I cannot scroll my photos or reorder them (although I used to be able to, it no longer works for me). My photos also randomly disappear after I spent all the time uploading them. So these photos are not in order and make no sense. However, I have spent the better part of 2 days trying to get it to work the way is always has in the past, to no avail. I give up.

Me at the finish line (as you can see, this photo should go at the end...)

Getting on my bike (and this photo should go with the part of the blog that talks about that)

After the race...

Shopping at Gateway.

I have been a busy little racing bee as of late.... On June 20th, I had another triathlon. This one was in Huntington, UT, the town I grew up in. I lived there until I was 16 and that's when my family moved to Idaho. I have only been back a handful of times and this seemed like a good opportunity.

None of my training buddies could make it but lucky for me, a couple of awesome friends agreed to go with me and make a girl's weekend of it. Thanks Sandi and Lisa! You guys were a blast.

We headed out on Friday morning. We stopped to potty 100 times or so (thank you hydration), and made our way to SLC. The only thing I could think about the whole way was getting a pair of tri shorts that I desperately needed. I bought a pair, fell hopelessly in love with them, and lost them in one fell swoop. The truth is, I knew I couldn't live without them, so deep was my affection.... So we went to the Salt Lake Running Company and thankfully they had some left. I checked the hangers and found the 2nd pair to be mediums. I was thrilled and all was right with the world.
Then we went to eat at Tucanos. Tucano's is my faaavorite place. We had fun. See below.

Then we did a little shopping. Well, we didn't actually shop. We just walked through stores and let our jaws hit the floor that acid washed jeans in teal and purple, with bows and zippers are on the shelves once again. Wow for realizing I'm old.

After that, we headed to Huntington and got checked into the race and into our hotel. Right before bed, I tried on my new shorts and *GASP* they were the wrong size! I was soooo mad! I had checked the hanger several times but not the tag! After I stopped fuming I decided nothing could be done about it so just go to sleep and relax.

I had a much better race this time around. My swim went as it always does. Slowly but surely ;) I came in just above the middle of the pack. My T1 went much better than last time and I took 2.5 minutes (still not great but much better than Salem Spring!). The bike portion went well. It was a 7.5 mile climb and then turnaround and descend for a total of 15 miles. I came in 3rd on the bike portion at 55:01. T2 took me 53 seconds which was close to the top. The run is where I always know I can make up some time from being such a slow swimmer :) I gave it everything I had and came in 1st on the run with a time of 22:47. My overall time was 1:43:56.

Overall, I took 2nd place by 6 seconds (argh!) and first in my division. I would have loved to take that title but I know I gave it all I had and I can't be too upset with that. It was a very small race (hence my doing so well ;) but I enjoyed it and hope I can squeeze it in again next year.

On the way back, we ate at Cafe Rio, and stopped at the Salt Lake Running Company again, where the nice man happily exchanged my worn shorts for the right size. And once again, all was right with the world.

I had a wonderful time with the girls and a great race. Couldn't have been better! Except if blogger would let me type a cohesive blog with pictures and all, that is...


Jeff and April said...

Anna, you are amazing! If I ran a race, it would be to see if I could actually survive it- let alone win! Way to go! I always knew you were fast! And yet you still ran with me sometimes. How sweet. I actually was down in EC a week after your race. Too bad I couldn't have lined that up better, it would've been great to see you!

Addison & Crews Mama said...

AnnaMarie you are beautiful! You are amazing- I wish I had the stamina for this. Great pictures!!!!

Addison & Crews Mama said...

I so wish I could of seen you when you were here :( Next time you come, let me know :) Love ya!!!