Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jaxon is 4!!!

Can you believe it's been 4 years since our lovable hurricane joined our family? I can't either! Our almost Christmas baby turned the big 4 on the 20th of December. We had a family party for him. I made a Thomas the train cake (I dont do cakes) for him. It took me hours and it was, eh, not so pretty. But he was thrilled, so hey. Savannah said "Im just surprised mom made a cake!" I always buy them to save time ;) So before I post a few pictures, here are just a few things I want to say about my wittle boy!

- Jaxon came to us 2 weeks early, weighing in at 9 lbs, and was almost born in the car on the way to the hospital. He was so big when I was pregnant that he broke my sternum (which is still very crooked, thank you). Every ultrasound I had, they kept saying this baby was gonna be big. Thank heavens he didn't cook 2 more weeks!

-Jax was a happy little baby, until he hit about 13 months old...then he morphed into the busiest toddler you have ever seen. He could climb things that should have been impossible, and get into things I thought were safe. He still has not outgrown this.

- Jax is very outgoing and has a lot to say. He isn't shy at all, and he'll talk your ear off. He loves attention and will get it any way he can- good or bad ;) He loves to make people laugh and has an adorable sense of humor. He is so smart, and always has been. He's also very coordinated and rather aggressive, which makes his Daddy very proud. He has high hopes for this one!

-Jaxon loves trains, especially Thomas, more than just about anything. He plays with his trains day and night and gets excited when we see trains or even tracks when driving in the car.

- Jax, I am so thankful to have you in our family. You are such a light, and so full of life. We are all entertained by you. I love your amazing smile and your little laugh. Love you forever (even though you won't let me call you baby!)!!!


Holly said...

It's a cute cake!!! Much better than I'd be able to do! Now let's pray he can make it to his 5th birthday without pulling a "Jaxon" and completely kick his own trash! HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY JAXON!!!

Jeff and April said...

I know birthday cakes can be stressful,but that is a cake to be proud of!!!

Tatiana said...

Oh my goodness 4?! It feel like we were just talking about our kiddos dating someday! He's turning into such a handsome kid!