Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ch-ch-ch-Changes- Part I

Sooooo, what have we been up to? So very, very much! I have been updating facebook instead of my blog and I keep in contact best that way. However, I want to begin doing blog books as our family's journaling, which only works if I actually DO my blog :) So here I am. Once again, committing to doing a better job of blogging. Let's hope it sticks!

I last posted about the end of 2010. It has been almost a year, and a year of HUGE changes for our family. In January of 2011, Daniel came home from work at Docutech and dropped a bombshell on me. He had been there 7 years but said he had a strong feeling that it was time for him to start exploring other opportunities. With the economy the way that it is, this was not something I normally would have wanted to hear. But as he said it, I also got the feeling that it was time. I didnt know why or how, but I knew and he knew there was something else in store for our family.

As soon as he said it, I got the very strong feeling that we were to start searching in Salt Lake City. It wasn't a feeling I could ignore. It was clear and strong and i knew exactly what it was. I told him what I was feeling and we agreed that our search would begin there. I was also very open to living in Boise area where my darling little sis lives, so we looked around there as well. We also put some time into looking into the Idaho Falls area in the hopes that we could stay put.

Not long into our search, I came across a job posting for the LDS church, in a capacity that Dan seemed qualified for. The position was something he found interesting and the pay was in the range we were looking for. I passed the information on to him and he applied. In the meantime, we continued the search. Some time passed. Nothing was coming up. But I still felt strongly that Salt Lake was the place for us. I also felt that we were on the right track with the position for the church, but we hadn't heard anything.

Then one day the call came. They wanted to interview him. I felt confident that this was the position for him and this was the right direction for our family. In my head, it was a done deal. He did a phone interview and waited to hear back. More time passed with no word. We assumed the position had been filled, but nothing else was coming up. Weeks later, he received a call for another interview. He was a finalist for this position. I was certain he would get it as I felt so good about this being the right thing for our family.

But Daniel came home from the interview with a very different feeling. He said something just didnt feel right about it. He said it sounded like an amazing opportunity but he wasnt sure he was fully qualified for the position. It was also a 12 month contract position, which could possibly be renewed after the 12 months. But it would be a risk to leave a job of 7 years for something that could be only 12 months. I was confused since I had felt so good about it. He knew he was still in the running for this position, but he decided to look at other postings that the LDS church had available, since this seemed like such a great position.

More time, still no word....and then another phone call. This time the position was as a program manager in the media department. He didn't know much about it but agreed to do a phone interview. After the phone interview, he came home with a very different feeling. He was so excited and said this position was much more "him". He said if he could pick, this would be the one for him. He was aware that since he had no prior media experience and there were many applicants for this job, his chances were slim.

A couple of weeks later, Dan was scheduled to fly to California with his current job. He was supposed to fly out pretty early in the morning. I called him that morning, on my way back from the gym. He should have been on a flight but he answered the phone. I asked him what he was doing and he said, "laying in bed." WHAT??? He said for some reason he had been running late (he doesnt run late). He got to the airport and the kiosk to check in wasn't working. By the time he got to the desk, the lady informed him that he was 2 minutes late to check in and would not be allowed on his flight. He NEVER misses his flights. He flies all the time. He is never late, and he never misses his flights. So he came back home and worked on rebooking his flight. He was only able to find one that went out at 4pm, and it left out of Salt Lake City.

While he was home killing time, the phone rang. It was the LDS church, wanting another interview, but it had to be that day, and it was in Salt Lake City. If he wanted the job, he would need to be able to drive to Salt Lake and be there at 1pm. Because he had missed his flight and happened to rebook out of Salt Lake City, he was able to make the interview, drive to the airport and fly out on his trip as planned.

We were supposed to hear back within a few days. More weeks.... But I just had a feeling. I knew this was what we were supposed to do. And eventually the call came in. He was offered a position in the media services department, over family history and church history projects. The pay was what we needed. The benefits were amazing. And we KNEW it was right....

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