Monday, March 5, 2012

Officially a cheerleader :-)

When Savannah was little, she made us call her Savannah Princess Mermaid Cheerleader. Up until this point, she had the Savannah and Princess parts down. Now she can officially add the cheerleader portion (not sure when the whole "mermaid thing" might happen).

On March 2nd, Savannah tried out for the Westlake 4th grade Cheer squad. She is such a strong tumbler, as well as a great dancer (I know, I'm her mom so.....). She was thrilled when she found out she made the squad, along with all her cute friends!

She will be competing in competitions, performing in parades, and cheering at all the high school football games. They do stunt and tumbling clinics every Saturday and have cheer practices after school during the week. It was no surprise to anyone that she is a flyer, since she's so small. She really likes that :-)

You can count on more pictures as she gets her new uniforms and begins performing. Congratulations sweet Savannah Princess Cheerleader!

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