Tuesday, July 22, 2008

On the training train

Just a quick update on my training, for the heck of it :)

Saturday was the big test- go out running and see what happens. I had ridden my bike and done fine. I had gone for a swim and done fine. But running 4 weeks post baby could be bad.

I got out there, hoping to just go and not hurt, and I was able to run the full 3.1 miles with no issue at all. Except the fact that I am now painfully slow compared to my previous speed. Guess that will come with reconditioning time.

So running was good :) Made my day.

Today was test #2- see if I can fit in my wetsuit! We were swimming the lake. It happened to be a co-o-o-l-d morning, unfortunately. Guess I got baptism by fire. I put on my wetsuit and oh boy! Let's just say that above the waist, it was a tight squeeze. Which made breathing while swimming VERY difficult. The pool was nothing but in this suit- OUCH! After about 100 meters or so I got the hang of it, but again, I was painfully slow. My arms have lost so much muscle and the wetsuit pulled on my shoulders so I was quite a bit slower than I am in the pool.

After swimming, we changed and ran 1 mile, which also went well, just slow. I finished feeling really good physically, just slightly frustrated that I'm so far from where I was. It makes me really glad that I have a late season triathlon planned so hopefully, by then, I can be proud of my times.

On Friday of this week, we head to Burley where Dan will run in the Spudman Triathlon, an Olympic distance, with a couple of my friends. I will cheer from the sidelines and know that next year, I will be out there!


~*Jen*~ said...

Sounds like you're doing good! Hopedfully you'll be able to make it to that late triathalon! :D You go girl!

Tiffini said...

I'm proud of you for being out there 4 weeks post baby!! What a great motivation and a great way to get back into shape. You'll pick up in no time.

Wilcock Family said...

YOu are amazing!!!! You go girl!! :)


you are so amazing. i wish I had the energy to get out there like you do. I have to keep reminding myself that I just had babies and I think you need to do the same. You body goes through alot. You will get up there again. Just give it time. Gooc luck and congratulations in the mean time.

Heather & Billy said...

I am positive that even with my having more time to train you will still be far better than me. I still can't run that distance. Yay for Annamarie!