Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ode to a little sister

I recently had the chance to take my little sister, Miriam's family pics. I was editing them and ready to post a few to my photography blog when I decided I had other plans (you can see the pics of my beautiful sis and her beautiful family at

Miriam was born when I was 23 months old. I dont remember that ;) What I do remember however, is cutting off the hair of her brand new Barbie, and telling her it had cancer. My mom made me give her my new Barbie.

I remember being such a smart cookie. No really. I decided I wanted to carve something, as all children do, into the dresser. And as any smart child knows, you DO NOT carve your own name. So I carved Miriam's name into the dresser. My parent's came a yellin' soon enough. She insisted she didn't do it. Of course, they didn't believe her. I remember them saying, "Oh really? I'm sure it was Anna who carved YOUR name into the dresser" And she received her punishment.

I remember (in spite of what I have told you thus far) being a timid child, while Miriam, was....not. And thus began the pattern of me daring Miriam to do anything I didn't dare do. That way, if it turned out badly, I would know before I was the one in over my head.

Case in point: One day we went out to the Huntington Lake. We went in the back side where there was a rope swing. I was not the rope swing, type. Miriam, on the other like any chicken big sister who wished she were a little more daring, I said, "You go first, you're the brave one!" Never one to turn down a dare, off she went flying through the air and into the...barely inches deep water. One or two hollars later, we were carrying her out of the water and out of the park. Yup, foot was broken.

I remember many fights about her taking and wearing my clothes. I clearly remember the day my father told me, "Someday she will be your best friend." I just as clearly remember rolling my eyes thinking my dad was a complete idiot if he thought she and I would be friends.

I remember teasing her ceaselessly about how the boob fairy skipped over her and visited me twice. Oh wait, I still tease her about that. The height fairy did the same thing.

I remember one small bathroom and 3 teenage girls. And I vivdly remember 1 small bathroom and three teenage girls - with PMS!

Don't let me make it sound like I was a trouble maker and poor Miriam was the victim. I assure you, Miriam could hold her own! One birthday, I got given a *songs from heaven* Tetherball! I was so excited. We headed up to the park with the whole family to play. Somehow Miriam got hold of it and was holding it over her head, threatening to throw it as hard as she could, just because she wanted to (it wasn't attached to the pole at the time). I very calmly said to her, "If you throw that, I will hit you as hard as I can." She threw it. I hit her has hard as I could. My parents watched the whole thing play out and told her, "She told you...." The only time I ever hit anyone.... And Miriam did get her hands on a knife or two in her day. You'll have to ask Rachel about that one....

I remember when one day my dad was right. All of the sudden, she was my best friend. All of the sudden, I didnt care if she borrowed my clothes. In fact, we readily enjoyed sharing each other's wardrobes (as much as the 6 inche height difference would allow that is!), talking late into the night about boys, kissing, clothes and girlfriends.

So here is my ode to my little sister. Miriam, I love you! I am so thankful I have you as my little sister. I cherish every memory we made growing up, even the ones that caused you broken bones and trips to the ER :) Stay beautiful, inside and out, as you always have. You are amazing.

Love, your big sis.

P.S. Rachel, I haven't forgotten you babe...that's for another day ;)


maryellen Ward/Birch said...

ahhh your so sweet you guys are all so sweet.

Addison's Mama said...

Such cute pictures!!

Jeff and April said...

I have never gone to your photography blog before. I loved looking at the pictures you've taken. What an incredible talent you have!