Monday, May 4, 2009

A week of Dancing...

Wow. We survived last week! Amazing. Oh, and for those of you who don't remember me, I am AnnaMarie and I used to blog ;)

Anyway, last week was insane. Monday, Savannah had gymnastics, as well as rehearsal for her ballet/jazz finale. Tuesday at noon, I had my rehearsal at the Civic Auditorium for my ballroom performance. Tuesday at 4, Savannah, Mason and I all had our dress rehearsal for the year end ballroom concert. We finished up with that about 10:00pm. Wednesday evening was our performance. First of all, let me just say that Staci puts on an awesome program and it was amazing!

Savannah performed first. Her mini's class did 2 numbers. The first one was "Wishin' and Hopin'" and was so cute. Then they did their "Who let the Frogs out?" cha cha, which she loves. They were adorable! Sorry for the upcoming photos that are so small. My FTP is down and I can't get to the full size files (I will replace them when my FTP is back up) so this is all I have!

Mason performed a little later on. They did their "Lollipop" cha cha and their "Shake your Groove Thing" disco. That one is so hilarious!

I performed later on....eek. Anyway, we did a cha cha/samba/jive medley to Mama Mia and had a great time. We started off wearing robes and each doing some sort of household chore. I was sweeping. Then we moved to the side of the stage and took off our robes (yeah, I stripped on stage, for the record ;) and dropped our props. Then we did our dance. At the end, we all fell on the stage in exhaustion as the lights went down. When the lights came back up, we were still laying there. The announcer said, 'Ladies? Ladies?" and then they made the boys come pull us off the stage ;) Aren't we funny hehe...

The entire program was so great! My kids have both loved being a part of it this year and they cant' wait for tryouts next week to see which team they will be on next year.

Thursday night was Savannah's dress rehearsal for her ballet/jazz recital for Dance Unlimited. Friday night, Mason had a performance at the church for a ward party. He did both of his dances and did a great job.

Saturday night was Savannah's year end recital for Dance Unlimited. She performed "I'll be there" ballet number, and "Popsicle" jazz number, as well as a little cha cha number at the end with the boys hip hop class. She did so great! Afterwards, after she chastized me for not buying her flowers (telling me, "fine, I'll just get made fun of then"), we went out to eat with her best friends, Maycie and Taylie, and their family. We had a great time together!

I am so proud of both of them for the job they did! While it was exhausting, it was a fun week and they did amazing!


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