Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Details of Life- My car :)

Looking back on my childhood, I often wish I had pictures of things and places that hold special memories for me. There are plenty of me and my siblings, in all our mullet and plaid pants-ed glory, but few of our home, schools, cars, neighborhood etc. How fun would it be to look back on our "SUPER COOL NEW '77 DODGE DART" (okay so it wasn't new- it was actually a hand-me-down from- yep, our grandparents :)  -  or our "SOOO awesome Vanilla Ice casette tape that we could play in our boombox!" So in the spirit of looking out for my children's future nostalgic sides (and making fun of what they used to think was sooo cool), I thought I'd post a few of those things here on my blog :) It might be boring to others to see the mundane details of our life, but I keep this blog mostly as a journal and a record of my kids' childhoods- and this is all part of that.

A few months ago, we finally decided to trade in my long ago-paid off Ford Expedition for something a little newer and nicer. We found a great deal on my dream car. I've been wanting an Escalade for a while but it was hard to commit to that kind of a payment when my current vehicle was paid off. But when we found this one, we were sold.

  It's a Cadillac Escalade ESV, Platinum Edition. It is the most comfortable vehicle we've ever had. It's so great for long drives, like our frequent trips back to Idaho.

Some of our favorite features are:
- Two built in DVD players- one for the second seat and one for the third seat with Bose wireless headsets.
- Heated and cooled seats for all 4 captains chairs, front and middle.
-Heated and cooled cup holders in the front and middle seats.
- Built in GPS navigation system
-Bose Surround sound.
- Large amount of cargo space in the back, behind the third seat (the reason for going with the ESV instead of the regular Escalade).

My kids absolutely love it (and so do I). Our road trips are much more fun than they were with our previous car. The captains seats in the middle are very wide and so comfortable. We wouldn't want any trip to be conflict free however, or we might start to wonder if these were really our children. This vehicle even has a solution for that- the kids tease each other by turning on the seat coolers in the middle of the winter :) Our kids are still our kids after all!

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Addison, Crew, and Carter's Mama said...

So nice!
We were between this and our Yukon denali xl. Both are so similar. After testing driving both, we eventually decided on our Denali and love it! We love all those features too. The built in GPS is huge for me! I used to get lost everywhere I went but not anymore! LOL! Our Bose surround system and the dvd player were a huge selling point for us too We love it! Especially with kids. My kids are so quiet in the car its the best! LOL! We haven't had to use our Bose wireless headset yet but I am sure as Addison gets older she will use them but for now the kids love the same shows. We love the heated seats too! So nice for Utahs cold weather. I dont think I will ever get another car without that feature again!