Thursday, July 3, 2008

All My Children- and their checkups

Yesterday was a crazy day the Miller house. Jayden had his 2 week checkup, and since we live about 20 miles out of town, I went ahead and scheduled Savannah's kindergarten shots, and Jaxon's 18 month immunizations, at the same time. Jayden was supposed to be getting circumcised and getting his 2nd PKU done, so thankfully Daniel was able to get away from work long enough to help me wrestle the kiddos at the doctor. Mason, as always, was a big help as well.

Mason didnt have a checkup since he didnt need any shots, so he was the luchy one. But here is what's up with the others:

Savannah is healthy and happy as always. She didnt love her shots but she cried for a second and then went about her day, playing with the twins (her best friends) and riding her bike.

She finally made the growth chart, although barely :) She is in the 8th percentile in weight and the 10th percentile in height. Her last visits, she wasn't even on the chart, so it seems she is moving up in the world!

Jaxon hated his shots, and ran a fever afterwards, as well as today, but developmentally he is on target.

He actually lost a few pounds, but is still barely trailing Savannah, who is 4 years older than he is. She has a few pounds on him and less than 6 inches in height. He'll be catching her in no time.

He was only in the 50th percentile in weight (which surprised me, I swear the kid is enormous, but I guess they all seem that way at this age) and he was in the 80th percentile in height (yep, he does belong to Daniel and I- plenty of tall genes to go around).

Jayden- well, things weren't quite so simple with him. Jayden was 8'3" when he was born, and as babies do, he lost a bit the next few days. At his 4 day appointment, he was down to 7'13" which was fine. But at his 2 week yesterday, he should have been back up to his birth weight, and he hadn't gained anything back yet. They weren't able to do his circumcision because of this, and told me I either need to pump and monitor how much he is getting, or after I finish feeding him, give him some formula and see how much he takes after breastfeeding. I was hoping not to have to do that, but today when I took him back in the the hospital for a followup test, he had lost another ounce. He has not been sleeping well at all and seems to want to eat all the time, which all indicate that he isn't getting satiated for some reason. So after we got home today, I went ahead and fed him, and fed him, and fed him, and he still seemed like he was hungry. So I went ahead and gave him 2 ounces of formula. He immediately calmed down (which he normally doesnt) and went to sleep. Up until this point, when he finishes eating, no matter how long he ate for, he gets upset and wants to eat more, and wont take a decent nap or sleep at night. I have been getting so tired staying up with him for hours during the night. But after the formula, he went to sleep and has been sleeping for a couple of hours, with no problem. I guess the doctor was right (as usual) and he just wasn't getting enough.

I take him in again on Wednesday, and if he is back up to his birth weight, they will go ahead and do his circumcision. As much as I am not looking forward to that, I am really hoping he starts gaining back some weight and that he is healthy and strong- afterall, he has a very solid big brother to keep up with !!


Heather & Billy said...

You survived! I'm so glad Dan made it. You know... Keller had that SAME weight problem. Reflux is a big cause of weight gain issues and could have something to do with his. Maybe the formula helps because it's a little 'heavier' than breastmilk. But needing to formula-feed could be a total blessing in disguise too.

Tammy said...

If he isn't gaining weight, get a simple blood test and test his renal function. This is how we found out about Kayden's kidney's. He was eating all of the time and was still losing weight. He lost over a pound after he was born and then was only gaining ounces every couple of days. I felt like I was feeding him all of the time!

I hope everything is o.k. and that all he needs is the extra food! I have a friend who lives in the same town as you whose son has kidney problems just like my son. Their stories are almost identical.

Billy and Megan Smith said...

Oh, I guess we all go through the same things! Brooklyn was the exact same way. For the first month, I breast fed and then followed up with a bottle and I finally had a happy sleeping baby. After a month, I could tell I wasn't making anything, so we went to the bottle, which was much better than I thought it would be. She still seems really smart, so I don't think I denied her too much "power milk" ha ha ha. I'll be thinking of you!

~*Jen*~ said...

Yea for healthy children! Hopefully Jayden is gaining weight again! :)