Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A hobby, maybe someday a talent

I have always been a picture fanatic. I loooove to take pictures. Don't mistake that for me being any good :) Recently, I made an investment in my first DSLR camera, as opposed to just a point and shoot camera. It's a Nikon D40 and I love it! The camera is amazing, but unfortunately, quite a bit smarter than I am! So I have so much to learn just to be able to get the most out of it.

Lucky for me, I just so happened to meet another mom at Savannah's soccer practice who is also into photography. Her name is Brittany and we've gotten together a few times to take some pics (interestingly enough, my best friend Sandi is as well, we just haven't been able to get together and take any pics recently!). The goal has been to take Jayden's newborn pics but he will NOT cooperate! He screams and cries and we aren't having any luck! So we resorted to taking pics of him limbs and phalanges ;)

Here are a few pics that we took this week.


Wilcock Family said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my I am so jealous!! I want one of these SO BAD!! I keep telling Rich to buy me one ;) I plan on getting one someday, I too love taking pictures and plan on getting into photography just waiting to get that camera ;)

Wilcock Family said...

I Too love photography and plan on getting a camera like this and getting into it even more. So jealous- ;) I want one so bad! The pictures look amazing!

Heather & Billy said...

They are beautiful and you do have a talent. I love how his feet look like a little heart.

Mel Bernard said...

These pictures are GREAT!!! Photography is so much fun and has no limits to the fun and different pictures you can take!! Good luck and can't wait to see more!!