Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween, Halloween, Trick-Or- Treat

We had a great Halloween- amazing weather, which is rare here. We usually trudge through snow, sleet, ice and hail on Halloween ;) Thought I'd throw up some pics.

My wonderful neighborhood did a fun thing. We had a dinner party at Betsy's house at 4:30, and then loaded the kids on a hay-filled trailer. We took them up our road (about 30-40-kids were on it) and stopped at each house. They would come out to the trailer and give each child their candy. The kids didn't have to get off. The neighbors only had to answer the door once. And everyone could go visit grandma, or family, later in the evening. It was so much fun.

Did I mention that I looked hot? Check us all out. Try not to drool too much ;)

Here I am with my blue eye shadow, my dark blush, my side pony tail, huge, belted shirt over leggings, layered sock and high tops, as well as radical earrings :)

Baby Jayden in his Kangaroo costume.
Savannah was a kitty. And yes, this is the same costume I wore to Hidee's party. Except I didnt wear her leotard or leggings :)

Jaxon was a lion. The hood stayed on just long enough for me to snap this. You can see his hands are already on it, and off it came about 1/3 second later.

Mason was a skeleton. He's trying to hold Jayden but pooe Jayden wasn't loving it.

Here is a pic of all the neighborhood kids on the hayride, going from house to house. Why didnt our parents think of this all those years ago? What an efficient way to get some snackage!

Jaxon got tired and was dragging around his blankey, sucking on the fringe, as he does when he is tired. So cute.


Addison's Mama said...

The kids looked so cute and you are one hot mama!! Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! :)

Brittany said...

The bangs! Your bangs are KILLING me! LOL I love the hayride idea! I may steal that idea for our neighborhood next year!

Morgan said...

That is a great idea with the kiddos! The picture of Mason holding Jayden is so funny!!

Dave and Jenn said...

What fun costumes! I love seeing all the little kids dressed up! So fun.

Sariah in Vancouver said...

LOL You're right, you do look HOT!! ;)

I love your neighborhood's idea! Whoever thought that up is a genious!

Heather and Billy said...

So were you trying to recreate some of your flashback photos you've posted recently?
And the hayride is a fabulous idea!!! I wish we could do it here.

Torrie said...

I laughed the rest of the night every time I thought about you and your outfit. I also love the picture of Mason holding Jayden, that sure was a fun night.

Merrill Clan said...

Your kids look adorable. I am loving the side ponytail and the blue eyeshadow

Marnie said...

Looks like everyone had a fun Halloween. And yes, you are one hot momma!!