Friday, October 31, 2008

Jaxon's Distaster of the Week

When you have a child like Jaxon, you have 2 choices:

#1 Become frustrated and bitter about the fact that nothing in your house will last longer than a week or so, everything will be drawn on, broken into pieces, and thrown at someone's head, and someone will likely be hospitalized on a regular basis as a result of his antics


#2 See that Jaxon has just given you a perfect weekly column for your blog :)

I choose #2.

So, you will now get a weekly installment of "Jaxon's disaster of the week".

When I tell people about things he does, they say, "Oh Im sorry he was so bad today. I'm sorry you had a rough day." I want to say, "No, you dont understand, today was just another day. This was nothing out of the ordinary." So I thought it would be fun, as the week goes on and I clean up mess after mess, as I throw away another box full of cereal that was dumped all over 3 rooms, as I soak up 10 gallons of water that made it onto the carpet, pick which one of his little tricks was the best.

Well, the week isn't over yet, but Im gonna post the one that takes the cake *pun* here and if he tops it again this week, you might get an extra installment.

Okay, actually the cake wasn't the best one, but here is a picture of Mason's birthday cake- Jaxon style-, just for kicks,

But that was nothing, I assure you. I didnt even flinch at that one.

So far this week, here is the best one, which you wont get until I tell the story.

What is this, you might ask? Well, with Jax, we know that everything must be locked, or things will be either dangerous or expensive. So I put a lock on the oven. Jaxon was opening the oven and using the racks to climb up on the cupboards. I was terrified that he would do that when it was on and burn himself badly. So we locked the oven.

Yesterday morning, I was bathing Jayden when I smelled smoke coming from the kitchen. I went in to find that Jaxon had pulled the bottom of the plastic lock off of the front of the oven door, opened the door, and placed it inside the oven. Then he climbed up onto the stove and turned the oven on. As the oven heated up, the plastic lock melted onto the inside of the oven and eventually started dripping onto the inside of the oven door and smoking up my entire house.

I have no idea how to get this melted plastic off the inside of the oven and cannot use my oven at all until I do :)

In keeping with my resolve to put a positive spin on these things (I should so be a politician), I will kindly thank Jaxon for making it so I dont have to cook for a while.

See you next week with our next installment. Please pray for me that it won't be too expensive.


Brittany said...

LOL *not funny, I just can't help but laugh*

I don't know how you would get it out. Why in the world is an OVEN lock made out of plastic?! Good luck!


Tatiana said...

oh my goodness! That boy is going to have a book of stories to hear about when he's an adult! I'm glad he didn't get hurt!

Erin said...

Oh AM....I am afraid it just wont get better!! I have one brother who was/is disastrous! he is the youngest and now is fact, I just had an idea for a blog and you can read about his disasters in my blog today!!

Heather and Billy said...

Just think of it as a sign of intelligence. My brother Michael was like our boys and he is so inventive and creative and smart. I think it's a good thing. But oh the stories my mom had and the ways she wanted to kill him. I'm grateful Keller isn't quite to Jax's level. He's obviously paying attention to you though and just wanted to make something. Maybe he wanted to make a new cake for Mason. =)


WHen ever I see a bulittin I laugh before I even read it cuz I know it has something funny to say besides stressing you out in the meantime. GOod luck next week.

Tara said...

all I can say is OH MY GOODNESS! How do you keep sane? You're a sport to try look at it in a positive, funny way! Loved the Halloween pics, I haven't seen Tori or Heidee since high school, and is that Loni Jensen in the cheer outfit? If so, what's she up to?

Jeff and April said...

I can honestly say I knew what your picture was of before you explained. I put a similar one on my fridge to keep MY daily disasters to a minimum.(Zack) But he had it off about as quick as Jaxon. Why can't these child saftey paople be smarter than 2 & 3 year olds? Oh- you actually made me glad it was only the fridge I can't keep him out of. Thanks.