Monday, October 27, 2008

A year's Supply of Soap guessed it- Free.

Here are all my free soaps from last week :) Not just any soap- these are really fun! They have a mesh covering on them that does 2 things- it helps the kids grip it so it doesn't slip and it last longer since it doesnt wash away. It's also very sudsy and smells fruity, so the kids think it's great.

Anyway, I got 30 bars for free. I could have gotten more but I bought them out. Here is how this one worked:

Smith's had/has a catalina coupon (printed at the register when you make a purchase) that you receive when you buy 3 Johnson and Johnson products at once. I bought 3 of these soaps, which are $0.99 each. The coupon is for $3 off of any 3 Johnson and Johnson products. So after I made the initial purchase of 3 of them, I took the coupon back, loaded up on the Buddies soaps, and had them ring them through 3 at a time, each time using the coupon that printed from the previous 3. Since they are $3 off 3 and 3 of them cost only $2.98, they were free :) I still have the coupon from the last purchase, so I can go back when I'm in town again and use those to get more.

That's all :)

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