Thursday, August 28, 2008

First Day of School

What kind of mother would I be if I didnt blog about that?

Well I was all set to take a plethora of pics that morning. I got the kids up early and made them look FABULOUS, of course. I left a good 15 minutes to just snap pics.

And then the bus showed up 20 MINUTES EARLY! So much for my picture time. Savannah burst into tears, thinking she was going to miss the bus on her first day of kindergarten. I assured her, she would make it.

So I have very few, very bad, pictures of the kids, but I'll post them nevertheless.

So the rundown is this: The kids started school a week ago. Savannah, is starting kindergarten (and she was still 4, sweet ;) She was soooo excited. Anything social is up her alley. She was convinced she would be the smartest, cutest, funnest person in the whole class (she isn't lacking self confidence, I assure you). Mason was actually excited about this year, which he usually isn't. He started 3rd grade. He met his teacher the day before and seemed to really like her (I'm sure she didnt know that since he barely made eye contact with her, let alone spoke to her- but that's just Mason). He was thrilled that the ONE person in his class he is friends with, just ended up sitting right next to him, since they were seated alphabetically. I'm sure this made it much easier for him since he is so shy and doesnt dare speak up and get to know new people. Savannah, on the other hand, didn't care who she sat by, she was sure they would be her new best friend and think she was as fabulous as she thinks she is ;)

So they both had a great time and both are really liking their teachers. Savannah thinks school is amazing and pops out of bed each morning with a smile on her face and ready to go! Mason's attitude this year has been so much better about school, and I can't help but wonder if it's partially due to the later start time. He is NOT a morning person.

Anyway, so that's it. Here are the terrible pictures I snapped as my poor children ran for the bus ;)


Brittany said...

Awww! Those aren't bad pictures, they're so CUTE! I was wondering what kind of mother you were since you hadn't blogged the 1st day of school yet. ha ha ha TOTALLY JOKING!

Mel Bernard said...

Griff starts school Tuesday and I am so excited for him, but I know I will cry.
You have on your blog a way to tell when your friends have updated their blogs.... how do you do that??
e-mail please and let me know???

Jeff and April said...

Look at the height difference between your big 3rd grader and your petite little girl! That is so cute! He looks ready to fight off any unwanted suitors. Haha- I guess you have a few more years before he'll need to do that.

bclawson03 said...

How exciting, the first day of school! Although you may have been in a hurry, the pictures did turn out cute!

Heather and Billy said...

They're cute pictures. Was it hard to put Savannah on the bus? Does it take her both ways? Here it is only one way. So did Savannah's tooth end up getting pulled or is that one she has lost? I realized I never found out for sure on that. And yah, holy cow height difference. Looks like Mason got your guys' tall genes for sure