Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Annual GIRL'S WEEKEND- HOLLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My. Family. Rocks ;) Last year we started a tradition of taking a girl's weekend once a year. We have my G-to-the-Ma, my great Aunt Larry (Hot-Mo), my Mother mom, I'm not gonna put the acronym you googled on your work computer here- my short sister, myself (who may or may not have been called a slightly crazy driver once or twice on the trip), my SIL's Lyndi Lou and the Tash-Meister, along with my daughter Savannah and my nieces Janna, Hannah and Kiana (who said her name had to be pronounced Ki-ANNA just to fit in with the rest of the girls ;). 4 generations of Towanda-filled FUN!

My beautiful niece Janna
And my amazing daughter Savannah
We headed down on Friday morning and hit the Oquirrh (or however you spell that) Mountain Temple open house. It was beautiful! Then we headed straight for the nourishment we all live and die for- Tucano's! Hold on, I feel a short ode to Tucano's coming on....

Tucano's- Oh how I love thy protein-filled gluttony. Muahhh

Back to the blog: Really the rest was all about shopping and swimming...and shopping. Oh and eating, and shopping.

We hit the Shade Warehouse Sale. Nuff said. We spent some time at Gateway mall. We went to Gardner Village. We went to the Children's Place, JC Penney etc and did a lot of school shopping. We went to Salt Lake Running Co (seriously you cannot go to SLC and not go there) was fabulous. We taught my little sister how to swim (and I am not ashamed to say she will be outswimming me speed-wise any day now, even though I have years more practice). I became Mt. Vesuvius for a moment in time (and no I will not explain it nor post pictures of what the heck that means...let's just say I apparently have a hidden talent when it comes to jacuzzis- I'm quite entertaining really). And we laughed :) Isn't that the best part? We painted our nails (even G-ma and Great Aunt Hot-Mo) flourescent orange and green. On Sunday we went to Music and the Spoken Word at Temple Square (with our flourescent nails on display for all the world to see), and then we headed home.

This is always so much fun. I love spending time with all the girls (well we were missing a couple and I wish they could have been there!!!! Maybe next year). It makes me so thankful for my fantastic family- for these people who love me for who I am (which is not always so great), who can have a good, juvenile laugh every once in a while, who can smile for a million and one pictures and paint their nails odd colors. Im thankful for my daughter, my partner in shopping crime, for being my BFF. Thanks girls for a fantastic time! I love you!


Torrie said...

You take the cutest pictures, sounds like fun!

Addison AND Crews Mama said...

I so wish I could of seen you! The Oquirrh Temple is just down the street from us, we live by Daybreak. Next time you are here let's for sure meet up. Love ya! :)

Addison AND Crews Mama said...

Had a lot of fun today finally meeting up with you! How funny that you went to the orquirrah temple open house last time you were here- we are literally just up the street from the temple (by Daybreak).